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Terms and Shipping

Gunsmithing: cash, check or money order paid on completion

Firearm purchases: cash, check or money order paid in advance

All prices are plus shipping and any applicable Haz Mat charges

How To Ship A Firearm

  • You may legally ship a firearm directly to a gunsmith for repair or modification and the firearm may be shipped directly back to you. Since 911 some shippers require proof that the firearm is going to a FFL licensee. If you run into this call me and I will FAX a copy of my FFL to you or the shipper which usually takes care of the problem. Be sure to put a note in with the firearm stating your name, address, phone number and what work you want performed. I don't always keep notes on phone calls or e-mails so any info on communication we have had is helpful.

How To Purchase A Firearm

  • All firearms must be shipped to an FFL dealer in the state of the buyer. Pre-1897 antique firearms and replica arms of the non-cartridge variety are the exception. Cowboy Shooters Supply abides by all State and Federal firearms laws.

    The process for purchasing a firearm is quite simple. Please follow the instructions listed below to ensure a hassle-free firearms transaction.

    1) Locate someone in your area who has their Federal Firearms License (FFL). Any gun shop, gun smith, pawn shop, or gun range operates with an FFL and can gladly help you out with your transaction.

    2) Contact your FFL and tell them you would like to transfer a firearm from Cowboy Shooters Supply. Most FFL holders will perform this action for a nominal fee. If a dealer is unwilling to transfer a firearm for you, or charges "an arm a leg" take your business elsewhere ~ and remember where NOT to shop when looking for your next firearm or shooting accessory.

    3) Your FFL holder will send a signed copy of their license to me. Fax copies are not acceptable. Please include a note with the FFL stating your name and the item you have purchased.

    4) Once we receive the FFL & payment the item will be shipped to the FFL. Your item will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail, UPS or FedEx depending on when we receive the FFL and the type of item that you have purchased.

    5) FFL will perform your background and transfer the firearm to you. Your FFL holder will be responsible for performing your background check and adhering to any other state or local laws affiliated with firearms transactions. If unsure about regulations in your state, please consult your local FFL. Example: Some states only allow 1 Handgun to be purchased in a 30 Day period; and some firearms are not legal in some states. Firearms will not be shipped to any location where they are restricted.
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